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Tower Conquest Misc. Events
Date Type Name Description
Hare of Inaba Log in Banner 11/27/15-12/04/15 Art Conquest Hare of Inaba Redraw! 5 Drawings will be selected and the two most liked will receive an Official Poster.
Outbreak! A Day of Battle in Shinjuku! Banner 07/21/16-08/07/16 Conquest "Outbreak! A Day of Battle in Shinjuku!" Someone has witnessed Mikhael appearing in the streets of Tokyo! Quickly defeat Mikhael and investigate this event!
"Is this Destiny? -Orochi on the Counterattack-" Banner 08/24/16-09/07/16 Conquest "Is this Destiny? -Orochi on the Counterattack-" Yokosuka had suddenly gotten swamped with a lot of evil energy. The culprit is Yamata-no-Orochi! This is where you come in, spirit agents! Put a stop to Orochi's plan and get everything in Yokosuka under control!
Jewels and The Secret Workshop Banner
Tower "Jewels and The Secret Workshop"

An outbreak of evil energy made people obsessed with jewels, so Sola and our hero set out for the sewers to settle things before they get out of hand. But what's a laboratory doing in the middle of the sewers? And who is this "Hermes" everyone's talking about? Dear Spirit Agents, let's reveal the mystery of "Hermes"!

Meiji Monster on a Rampage Event Banner


Conquest "Meiji Monster on a Rampage"

'While investigating, our hero and Sola run into an army of rampaging monsters. They call themselves “Perry” and seem bent on destroying Kyoto. What will happen to the ancient capital of Japan?! Attention all spirit agents! Stop Perry's invasion of Kyoto and cleanse the city of all evil energy!

Thanksgiving Day Beatdown Event Banner
Tower "Thanksgiving Day Beatdown" Around this time every year the Bureau of the Occult celebrates Thanksgiving Day. However, this year Mikado had the idea to celebrate with a fighting tournament! Who will survive the fierce battle among spirits to be the last one standing? Go and fight! This is the chance to show how strong you are!
12/16/2016-12/31/2016 Msc. "Confession of your favorite daemon" Write a paragraph to confess to your daemon or content relating to the game, attach a photo of the daemon, and post it on your Facebook or twitter home page.
Shadow over Christmas Event Banner
Tower "Shadow over Christmas" Christmas, when children and spirits alike eagerly await their presents from Santa. But amidst it all, a lone evil deity is filled with sadness. Her precious gift has been stolen away from her. Sola and company embark on a journey to look for this present thief, all the while attempting to pacify this volatile destruction deity.
A New Year's Tale of Laziness Event Banner
Conquest "A New Year's Tale of Laziness" People are preparing to celebrate Chinese New Year, when suddenly the town is attacked by evil energy that makes the inhabitants feel listless and lazy. Fortunately, the effect of this evil energy has been contained by a certain spirit who happened to be there. Solve this case and save Chinese New Year as quickly as you can!
The Spirits' Doll Festival Event Banner
Tower "The Spirits' Doll Festival" This year, the Bureau of the Occult is sponsoring the festivities for the spirit world! But the guests of honor, imperial couple Ohina and Odairi, are having a quarrel with each other, and things are starting to get ugly. Will the Doll Festival be doomed before it has even begun? Reconcile Ohina and Odairi and avert disaster for the Doll Festival!
Chopping Trees? Stop, Please! Event Banner
29/03/2017 – 12/04/2017
Conquest "Chopping Trees? Stop, Please!" Pink petals dance in the wind, fluttering between buildings. It's cherry blossom season in Tokyo. But something's amiss...

There are reports of a strange phenomenon: cherry blossom trees are toppling as if someone is cutting them down. This is no laughing matter! At this rate not a single cherry blossom tree will be left by summer! The Bureau of the Occult determined it to be the work of a spirit. Hurry, find whoever is behind this and stop them! Do it for the trees, and for all the cherry blossom admirers out there!

Spirit Idol Competition Event Banner
26/04/17 – 10/05/17
Tower "Spirit Idol Competition" One day, a very unusual message was delivered to the Bureau of the Occult.

It was a request for help with a music performance. But why would anyone ask for help from the Bureau of the Occult, of all places? With questions running through her head, Sola arrived at the venue, only to find a gathering of the most famous spirit idols. The more fans a spirit idol has, the more powerful they become. Each spirit was fighting to prove they were the best idol of all, determined by their performance and the response of their fans. It was called the "Spirit Idol Competition." Sola and her friends were called to this event to offer their support to the idols! From an ancient dancer to a group of elves to the greatest pop star in Hell, all sorts of idols were gathered together under one roof!

Romance of the Demon and Sword Event Banner
24/05/2017 – 07/06/2017
Conquest "Romance of the Demon and Sword" Unidentified Demon Sighting!

A message sends ripples throughout the Bureau of the Occult. A demon is appearing here, there, and all over the city, muttering curses under its breath as it roams the streets. Our heroes are hurriedly dispatched from the Bureau of the Occult. Dubbed a "top secret" mission, they leave with little to go on. Later they would be joined by Yasutuna, who offered to help as you grappled with hidden feelings of her own. Who or what could this mysterious "Noddy" be...?

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