Place of Awakening
Story Cover
Annnd, that's about it!
Basically, you poked your nose into someone else's business, one thing led to another...

...and now you're dead.

It's like they say. "Curiosity killed the cat," right?
(I...I died?)

(That can't be true... I feel pretty alive right now!)

Oh, Mikado! When did you get here?
I've been here for the whole time. I'm in charge of the Bureau of the Occult, after all.
(The Bureau of the Occult...?)
The Bureau of the Occult is just what it sounds like--- a place for spirit agents to stick together.
Meaning, it's where you're going to be living from now on.
The "Mikado" lady gives me a really intense look. Kinda scary...
Er, Mikado... I haven't finished explaining the situation to <insert name here> yet.
Taking your sweet time, aren't you.

Though it's not like he'd get it even if you managed to explain it all.

Stuff this far outside of everyday life, you've got to experience it to understand.

Which is precisely why it's time to get some hands-on experience

Let's put you to work with a little test!

(I have an incredibly bad feeling about this...)

(And my intution is usually pretty spot on.)

Hehe, I like the look on your face!

Get ready! And GO!

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