Something Strange
Chapter 1
Wh...what's going on?!
Sola and I stopped when we got to Shinjuku.
Man Just being with you makes me mad!
Woman Hey! I could say the same about you, you waste of space!
Arguments... And not just these two. They're happening anywhere.
Man I've had enough!

Why should I be at the beck and call of a pig of a boss like you?!

Man What? I'm doing you a favor just letting you work for me, you incompetent idiot! How dare you speak to me like that?!

There are fights and arguments happening all over the place...

And the air itself is reeking...

Master, I think a spirit is behind these arguments.

The whole area is soaked in evil energy.

(Evil energy? )

It's a miasma caused by negative feelings ...

Sort of like a poisonous gas.


Evil energy can have many different effects.

This time it might be amplifying peoples' anger...

Master, let's look for the spirit thats's causing this.

There's usually a spirit behind any evil energy strong enough to make strange things happen.

Cleansing the spirit should solve this problem.


This time the evil energy is only strong enough to affect normal people.
It's not powerful enough to do anything to spirits or spirit agents...
Master, you'll be fine, I promise.
Let's get to it!