Unfortunate Connection
Why do you hate happy people so much?

We want to know, so please explain...

What's the point? You wouldn't understand.

I told Sola what I thought.

Wait? Is she jealous of the couples?
Wh-what?! I'm not jealous!

I just hate looking at you!

All that flirting and mushy stuff, right in front of me!

That... really sounds like jealousy to me.

I mean, listen to yourself. We're talking textbook definition.

Sh-shut up! I...I...

Damn it!

Okay, fine, I wanted to fall madly in love! Is that so wrong?

So you admit that you're jealous.
I showed a bad attitude like once or twice, and suddenly I was labeled a thug.

When I took on every fight that came my way, my bad reputation spread.

All the men I've liked, every one of them... They got scared and ran away...

Ahh... Well... That's a bummer, but cheer up...
It was in this town, on that day, we were supposed to have our first date.


Just then, a cat was about to be run over by a dump truck. If I hadn't tried to save it...

Ugh, dammit!

M-Master! She seems like a really nice person!

Deep inside she's definitely good!

It was just environmental factors and adolescent anxiety that made her this way!

The cat got scared and didn't run away, so I got hit with the full impact of the car...

I...I know that I used super-human strength at that point...

And then I became a legend... I became the restless ghost woman with Herculean strength...

Strength enough to stop a dump truck...

Now I... will never fall madly in love...

But in this town...

In the town where I was supposed to have my first date...

Couples are flirting...and touching... They're making out!


You dumb idiot soppy pervert normies! DIEEEEEEE!!!

Whoa! Th-that monstrous strength!
And I'm gonna start with you two!

I'm going to kill you with my bare hands!

No, no, no, first of all, we're not like that--
I'll wring your neeeeecccccccks!

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