Chapter 1 : Christmas Chaos

Chapter 2: The Smiles of the Childrens

Chapter 1 : Christmas Chaos
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Boss Daemon
Sola Mikado Tsuchimikado Nyarlathotep

Miss Santa

Miss Santa


A Christmas Assignment

  • Sola: It's Christmas! What did Santa bring you Master?
  • Sola: Want to see what he brought me ?... Ta-da! "The Cthulhu Mythos,the Complete Works."
  • Sola: You don't know about the Cthulhu Mythos? it's wildly popular. It's a collection of stories from a fictional universe.
  • Sola: Sometimes the stories are scary, sometimes just plain weird, and sometimes they can be pretty brutal.
  • Sola: But they're all great! You should give them a try, Master. I bet you'd like them.
    • Mikado: Okay, that's enough Christmas cheer,people.
  • Sola: Oh, no, Mikado! i know that tone of yours. Don't tell me...
    • Mikado: You guessed it. There's an assignement for you. We need you to quell a spirit that's wreaking havoc around the city.
  • Sola: But it's Christmas! And I was just thinking of playing a Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game with Master!
    • Mikado: But what I've got for you is better. Why just play a role when you can experience the real thing?
  • Sola: Huh? The real thing? What do you mean?
    • Mikado: You'll find out soon enough. Now, forget about all this Christmas stuff and get ou there and do some work!
  • Sola: Hmph. The Bureau has no Christmas spirit...

Before the battle :

  • Sola: Oh, Master, the city is in ruins! Who could've done all this?!
    • The Raging Spirit: GRAAAAAAAH! DESTROOOOOY!
  • Sola: Uh-oh. I think we found our answer.
  • Sola: That spirit stole our Christmas right out from under us!
  • Sola: Now she has a little explaining to do. Come on, Master. Let's go talk to her!

Before the battle :

The Raging Spirit: Hey! Who are you people?! You'd better not try and stand in my way!

After the battle :

  • The Raging Spirit: Whew... You're pretty strong. What do you want with me, anyway, spirit


    • Sola: What do we WANT with you?! What do you THINK, after you spent the day busting up the


    • Sola: But the good news is that at least you've calmed down a little.
    • Sola: Now how about doing some of that explaining?

Resorting to Violence

  • The Raging Spirit: You wanna know why i've been on a rampage? I'll tell you why. I want my stuff back!
    • Sola: Your stuff?
  • The Raging Spirit: That's right. Somebody stole something precious from me. I was forced to resort to violence.
    • Sola: I see. and if you resorted to THIS much violence, then I guess it was really, really precious to you, huh?
    • Sola: So, the person who stole the property lives around here?
  • The Raging Spirit: Um,maybe...
    • Sola: "Maybe"? Wasn't all this destruction an attempt to flush the thief out?
  • The Raging Spirit: Uh, yeah, sure. The culprit might've been around here. I spread the destruction to be on the safe side.
    • Sola: I-I see...yikes. Um, if you don't mind my asking, what exactly was this item of yours that got stolen?
  • The Raging Spirit: Something real important...the present i got from Santa!
    • Sola: Pardon?
  • The Raging Spirit: It's Christmas, isn't it? I got a present from Santa, too, you know.
  • The Raging Spirit: But i took my eyes off of it just for a second, and somebody stole it!
  • The Raging Spirit: I only caugh a glimpse of the culprit as they were leaving. Once i find out who it was, i'm gonna throttle 'em!
    • Sola: A present? That's it? I mean; i'm very fond of presents, too, but did you really have to go all these lengths over a present?
  • The Raging Spirit: Wait a minute...
  • The Raging Spirit: Fond of presents, are you? I bet you're in cahoots with the thief!
    • Sola: Huh?
  • The Raging Spirit: Just wait till i get my hands on you! Why, i'm gonna--
    • Sola: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Can't we all just get along?

Before the battle :

  • The Raging Spirit: It WAS you, wasn't it?! You're gonna be sorry!
  • The Raging Spirit: I'll strike the true terror of the Cthulhu Mythos into you!
    • Sola: What's Cthulhu got to do with this?
  • The Raging Spirit: Better get ready!

After the battle :

  • The Raging Spirit: Darn... You guys are tougher than you look...
    • Sola: Have you calmed down a little now? Good. Now answer my questions.
    • Sola: What's all this about the Cthulhu Mythos and being a destruction deity?
    • Sola: Who in the world are you, anyway?
  • The Raging Spirit: You mean you really don't know?
  • The Raging Spirit: I'm a shapeshifter, one of the Outer Gods of the Cthulhu Mythos.
  • The Raging Spirit: I'm Nyarlathotep.


  • Sola: Y-YOU'RE Nyarlathotep?! THE Nyarlathotep?!
  • Sola: So THAT'S what Mikado meant by "experiencing the real thing"!
  • Sola: No need for games when we can experience the actual Cthulhu universe, huh? Ugh, I've got a real bad feeling about this, Master.
    • Nyarlathotep: ...
  • Sola: What's wrong, Nyarly?
  • Nyarlathotep: "Nyarly"...? Is that suppose to be me...? Fine. Whatever.*​sigh*
  • Sola: You seem different all of a sudden. Are you okay?
    • Nyarlathotep: OF COURE I'M NOT OKAY! The second I mention "Cthulhu", people start looking at me funny, and I'm SICK of it! GRAAAAAGH!
  • Sola: EEEEEK! Now you're completely different all over again!
  • Nyarlathotep: Excuse me, miss, and I do apologize for making such a fuss, but I would kindly thank you not to confuse what you read in books with reality...
  • Sola: N-now, hold on! It's like you become a completely different person every time you speak! Which one is the real you?
    • Nyarlathotep: You really should read more, you know? Like I said, I'm a shapeshifter. I have a thousand different forms...
    • Nyarlathotep: ...And a thousand different personalities, too.
  • Sola: Th-that many?! Okay... But, even so, why do have to switch from one to another every two seconds like that?
    • Nyarlathotep: It's my way of protesting prejudice and discrimination.
    • Nyarlathotep: Everybody calls me a "terrifying monster of chaos" and thinks I'm behind every last thing that goes wrong in the world.
    • Nyarlathotep: But just 'cause I'm like that in the books, it doesn't mean the REAL me is a villain.
  • Sola: You know, I think I'm guilty of treating you like that just now, myself. I'm sorry.
    • Nyarlathotep: Uh, oh... It's no biggie. At least, not when it's nice folks like you.
    • Nyarlathotep: But you know some people are so biased against me, they want to thrash me as soon as they meet me?
    • Nyarlathotep: I bet the one who stole my Christmas present was just that sort of person.
    • Nyarlathotep: I'm gonna find them, and thrash THEM for a change!
  • Sola: ...Well, thanks for explaining it all.
  • Sola: We don't condone resorting to excessive violence, but we agree that you're a victim in all of this.
  • Sola: I don't know about the thrashing and destruction part, but we can definitely help you get your present back!

Nyarlathotep: Really? You'd do that for me? You really are good people, aren't you! Let's see. I don't think I caught your names...

  • Sola: I'm Sola, and this is my master, <Player>.
    • Nyarlathotep: Sola and <Player>, huh? Nice to meet you both.

Before the battle :

Before the battle :

After the battle :

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