A Reason to Resent
We finally got a hold of the spirit, so now...

Umm... We should listen to the spirit's side of the story.

Terrible...terrible! Just terrible...
(It seems like she doesn't want to communicate...)
It wasn't enough... More energy... Need more evil energy!
Even though she looks nearly dead, the spirit jumps up and runs off.
What?! After all that, she thinks she can just run away?!
We can't let that spirit get away again!
(I agree we should go after her, but I'm curious about what she said...)
...She whispered something about evil energy, didn't she?
Maybe she wanted to draw evil energy from the brutes...?
No, no, that is completely absurd!
There's definitely something going on here.

A reason why that spirit wants more power...

If we don't figure that out, then we can't say we solved the whole mystery!

(First of all we need to hear what that spirit has to say.)
Master, I saw the look in your eyes change just now!

I think we feel the same way about this...

I'm so glad you were chosen as my master!
(Sola's eyes burn brightly as she gazes at me... It's kind of awkward.)
Alright then! Let's go!

To capture-- No, to save that spirit!

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