Cry of the Heart
Now you're gonna stop running around like a crazy person, right?

And we can finally talk about this like adults!

Still need more... energy... More...more, MORE!
(Is she going to run away again?)
Please wait! Let us talk about this first!
Earlier you said something...

That I should understand your goal. What did you mean?

...Without more power, I can't protect the thing I care about most...
With that she runs away without saying another word.
Looks like we have to chase her again.

But at least we were able to talk to her a little bit.

So, she must have lost someone or something important to her.

With more power, she could have protected it...

That's why she's obsessed with getting more power.

If that's the reason for all this, then...

Even if we force her into submission, it'll never give her peace of mind.

Let's give her another chance to explain herself!

I'm sure there's a way we can sort things out!

Now, we're settled! After her! She'll never escape us!

That's far enough!
Hey, it's that spirit agent again!

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