The Bitter End
There she is! That spirit is over there!
Gyahhh! Death!

Destruction! Everything must be destroyed!

That Hijiri guy still isn't here yet.

We managed to beat him to the punch!

If it was all up to them, they would cleanse her by brute force.

But we'll listen to her side of the story and save her!

So, um... Please, tell us what's going on here!
Terrible terrible terrible!

I'll destroy everything in the world!

She should be able to hear us, but she still refuses to answer any questions...
Ergh...Grr...! It hurts... ahhh... The pain!

But...with this... I will never lose to anyone!

Seems like she has even more evil energy now.

And it's making her extra crazy.

She must be suffering so much...

Master, I'm begging you! Please stop her!

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