The Most Important Thing
Explain yourself! What is it that you lost?

My height... decreased by half an inch.

(...Wait, what?)
I was already short, and now I'm even shorter!


Does the world like to see short people suffer?!

(THAT was the reason for all of this?!)
Oh! I feel your pain!
(She does?)
Only another short person can understand what it feels like!

Being short to start with, and then becoming even shorter!

It's just terrible!
But that doesn't make it right to go on a rampage!

No matter how much evil energy you take in, you'll never get any taller!

If you want to fight, you should join us and oppose injustice!

...Hm, I suppose I might get along with you...

But... it's already too late.

Grr! Aaahhh!

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