Solution and Renewal
It's just like you said.

Running wild... it won't change anything.

...Even so!

I cant let the ones who shrank me get away with it!

Of course not!

You are absolutely right!

I also get angry when people call me short!

It's just that you got angry in the wrong way!

...I mean, I'm not even short in the first place.

I measured myself and everything. I'm too big to be small!

Y-yeah! Me, too! We're not short at all! Ha ha!
Of course not!

If I'm not short, then you're not short either!

I'm not...short?

That's the first time anyone has ever told me that...

...Huh. Alright. I don't mind being cleansed if it's someone like you doing it.

Yay! Master, do your thing!
With her permission, I cleanse the spirit.
Hmm... I feel somehow refreshed.
Cleansing complete! Now you should be completely sane again!
Sorry for causing so much trouble. I'm not going to go on any more rampages...
So... how about coming with us?

We vertically-impaired people need to stick together, after all.

But...After everything I did...Attacking people and everything...

I'm not fit to travel with you.

Don't worry about all that.

As someone who has struggled with the same thing, I can totally sympathize with you!

Thank you! And I feel like I can get stronger if I hang around with you...

If you don't mind someone like me tagging along, I would love to join you!

Of course!

Let us stand together in opposition of our miniature fate!

...Uh, yea! By the way, I'm Toka. Glad to meet you two!
Master, we have a new ally!

An ally who understands my suffering!

I feel a special bond between them as they hold hands, as if they are old friends.

(It's fine with me as long as everyone is safe!)

You two are still here?
Ah! It's that intimidating spirit agent!
You're too late, though.

Master already cleansed Toka!

Taking it upon yourself to cleanse a spirit...

You guys just do whatever you want, don't you?

Judging by your abilities, you must be with the Bureau of the Occult...

I'm going to have to submit a letter of objection about this.

(Wait...He's not from the Bureau of the Occult?)
I didn't tell you my name, did I?

I'm Hijiri Sakuma.

We of the Sakuma Family are the most distinguished spirit agents in the country.

Once he finishes introducing himself they promptly disappear.
So he's a freewheeling spirit agent without any affiliation.

Might turn out to be pretty annoying.

(What does she mean...?)
Er-- Don't mind me, Master! Nothing to worry about!
I might not to the task...
But Mikado will take care of everything!

I think we should report to Mikado as soon as we can.

You must be tired, too. Let's head back to the Bureau of the Occult.

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