Master, Mikado wants to see you! You should've seen the look on her face...

It was totally her angry face!

And she gets even worse if you avoid her, so we may as well go see her now...

Story Cover
You're finally here.
I have a notice from the Ministry of Defense; they're in charge of the Bureau of the Occult.

It says to stop getting in the way of Hijiri Sakuma.

Hijiri Sakuma? You mean that bigwig spirit agent we met in Shinjuku?
...I heard the reports. I suppose he pressured the Ministry into doing this.
(Pressured the Ministry? Is that even possible...?)
You look confused.

I don't quite understand it all myself, to be honest.

Hard to believe one family could boss the government around.
But they've got the history and the power to do it. The Sakumas are like spirit agent royalty.

And I hear the kid you ran into is exceptional. Even compared to past heads of his family.

It's no surprise that the Sakumas would pressure the government into doing what he wants.

A famous family ordering around the government... I guess spirit agents aren't one big team after all.
It's really quite a mess...

The Bureau of the Occult was created to unify powerless spirit agents and protect the country.

But in the end we're all beholden to the whims of one man.

To Hijiri, members of the Bureau of the Occult must seem like
a foolish, unruly mob, each too weak to fight on her own...
A spirit agent with a pedegree and talent like his can ask all sort of daemons for help.

Even alone, he has the strength of an entire army...

Ah-- Don't worry, Master! I don't think he's any better than you, no matter how high and mighty he might act!
True. If there were more top-notch spirit agents like you in the Bureau of the Occult, life would be a lot easier here.

Well... Can't be helped, stuff happens.

Life goes on. Don't worry about it.

...Is that all?

I thought you were gonna yell at us.

Did I really seem in such a bad mood...?
Even if I was, I have no reason to yell at you.
For real? Whew!

I thought you'd be lecturing us for hours...

No, I really wasn't angry at all.
But I would like to hear more about this "yelling" and "lecturing" that you refer to, Sola.
Urg... I stepped right onto that landmine!
Don't worry, Sola. I'll save your punishment for later...
The brass issued a stern warning, but we still have to follow through on Q Incidents.

As does our friend Mr. Hijiri Sakuma.

You should be more worried about ticking off Hijiri or The Ministry of Defense than making ME mad.

(Q Incidents...?)
You know about those, right, Master?

Q Incidents are...

Dormitory Staff: Chief Mikado! This just in!

A spirit is running wild in Yokosuka!

Well, looks like we're out of time for idle chatter. I'll leave this to you.
Understood! Master, let's go!
Master, look!
When we arribe in Yokosuka, there are hordes of skeletons wandering around.
They seem to be brutes... What happened here?
Eldery Person: Aaahhh! Somebody help me!
Skeleton Soldier: Shut it, gramps!

Now, gimme everything you got!

That old man is being attacked, Master!

Let's help him!

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