Fandom Town
... Okay, and that seems to be the last of them.

Thanks to you, we were able to prevent further damage!

Businessman: My poor little poster!

Why was it snatched away from me?

It feels so good to have it in my arms again! I'll never let go!

Ruffian: This season of the show is definitely the best.
Hardworking Student: I know! There are so many masterpieces this season!
Huh? That hooligan and college student are bonding over an anime series...

And it's not only them.

Look at all the people walking around with stuff with cute girls on it!

Everyone here is a total anime fanboy...

Was Yokosuka always home to all the geeks?!
No... that's impossible.

Something must have happened here, but what?

Craze-Obsessed Girl: Ahh! What are you-- Hands off, bonehead!
Skeleton Soldier: That's a sweet costume...

While I'm snatching up all this merch, I may as well snag a cosplayer, too!

That girl's in trouble! We have to help!

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