The Commodore Cometh
I don't know what the brutes' goal is...

But I think it might have something to do with the fact that everyone in Yokosuka has become obsessed with anime and cute girls.

The evil energy is really concentrated here, so it must be affecting even the humans.

And it has increased their interest in Japanese subculture.

But there must be a reason for all the subculture fandom mixed in with the evil energy...
Skeleton Sailors: The commodore! The commodore is here!

Could this be the brutes' leader?

All your cute girl merchandise is belong to us!

Now, sailors! Present to me the goods you have plundered.

Skeleton Soldier: Yes, Commodore Perry! Here is everything we gathered for you!
Perry?! They called him Perry just now, right?

Which means, that spirit is...

Wonderful, wonderful!

Just look at them... I cannot get enough of these delightful figurines!


Even the area beneath her skirt is sculpted in loving detail...! What craftsmanship!

He's peeping up the skirt of a doll...

That's... disturbing...

Anyway! I think t hat spirit is the center of all this evil energy.

We have to turn him back to normal!

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