Brutal Collector
"Cool Japan"... is so wonderful.

I've found myself enamored of it!

That is why it must be mine! I will invade and conquer Japanese subculture!

Wait a minute, hold on! Why would you do such a thing?!
I sailed straight into Edo Harbor.

And made those shy and timid Japanese let me guide them into the international community!

I'm their SAVIOR! It is only natural for the Japanese to bow down to me!

Now he's just ranting and raving like a madman!
Attention, my sailors!

First and foremost, we must obtain all the cute girl merchandise in Yokosuka!

Skeleton Sailors: YES SIRRRRR! ! !
What should we do?!
They all just rushed off, chanting!

Commodore Perry is famous in the spirit community for loving Japanese subculture.

He once barged into an private figurine collectors' group and demanded that they open they doors to other subculture fans, so that he could make new friends.
I like anime and manga myself, so I've heard all about him.
But the Perry I know would never steal from people or hurt anyone...

It must the evil energy...

We have to cleanse it, for Perry's own good!

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