Forceful Opening
The sound came from just over there!
I sense brutes nearby! Master, stay on your toes!
BOOOM! ! !
Open this door at once!
There-- it's Commodore Perry!

He and some brutes are trying to barge into that store!

The store... looks like a used anime merchandise shop.

Don't tell me he plans to steal everything in there, too!

Adjusting inventory, my left foot!

I demand that you open your doors to the outside!

I shan't allow you to remain closed off in your own little world!

Open your store, NOW!

I feel like we're back in 1855...
Harumph! Unwilling to listen, are you?

Let's see if another cannonball will change your mind!

He's taking his fandom too far!

At this rate, the people in the store are going to get hurt!

Master, we have to stop him!

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