What is "Moe"?
Perry! We came to talk, not fight!

Please, hear us out!

I don't negociate with spirits.

Anyone causing harm to others should be cleansed immediately.

Quiet, Hijironi!
Quit calling me that!

My name is Hijiri Sakuma!

Just ignore him!

We want to hear your side of the story!

Like, why are you attacking that shop?

Ah, I could never ignore a request from a delicate flower brimming with Japanese spirit!

So I will explain myself...

You see, this shop sells a lot of figurines that could be described as "kawaii"!

Yea, of all the merchandise out there, my favorite are figurines of charming female youths...

the younger the better!

Yes, yes, for my collection, only little girls will do!

What a perverted freak...
He really is a "bad spirit".
As if I did not learn it from watching you!

The Japanese zest for adorable young girls is known across the human and spirit worlds! Don't you like "moe"?

What or who is "moe"? It sounds stupid.

I've bared my soul on my deepest of interest, and you're calling it "stupid"?!

Unforgivable! I will never allow such sacrilege to go unpunished!

Men, teach them a lesson they won't forget!

Whoa! Now there are really a lot of them!

Even more than before!

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