2D and 3D
You don't like young girls, you don't like married women...

Bah! I haven't seen this kind of pussyfooting around since the Ryukyu Islands, and that was centuries ago!

Fine then, Japanese spirit agents!

What type DO you like?

What traits make up your perfect waifu?

You mean Master's preferences?

I'm kind of curious, too...

What IS your type?

You don't have to be embarrassed!

Just speak from the heart! Sharing stories of love will bring us closer together...

I hope!
--Hold it, stop right there!

I've no interest in your puerile actual "love" ! Just pure moe feelings!

Ugh, romance the third dimension...

How absurd! Men, destroy these naive romantics!

This is no time for messing around!

They're coming! Prepare to fight!