Heated Discussion!
Hmm. Indeed, japanese spirit agenrs are quited skilled.

True samurai.

So we're samurai, now?
This would've been the perfect chance to discuss anime.

What's the best show this season, etcetera, etcetera. It would have been quite pleasant...

What are you talking about?

Every show this season is a masterpiece, so it's impossible to choose the best one!

Ah, so even a neophyte like you has an opinion on this!

Well, there are a few things I wish to hear about...

For example, how many fetching females appear in each show--for me, that is the most important factor!

Judging a show by its character designs is silly.

The depth of the story is much more important!

YES! This is it!

This is the kind of discussion I've been longing for!


Are you REAALY this guy's level of anime nerd?

Well, I'm not an expert yet...

But I have been recording and watching every show this season.

Unbelieveable. I'll never understand spirits and their weird hobbies...
What? What is it?

Why are you so shocked?!

Oh no! Master, I hope I'm not scaring you away, too!

Do you dislike anime fans...?
Skeleton Soldier Commodore! We've reorganized the troops!

We're ready to follow up with an attack at any time!

Hold...belay that.

I think I should like to speak with this spirit instead.