Similiar Tastes
The critics didn't like that one show, but I thought it was great!

Especially if you can ignore the original, it is quite enganging!

My, I never imagined I would meet a like-minded sould in a place like this. How wonderful!

It's been three hours...

What in the world have they been doing?

They're discussing anime...

Maybe we should see how this plays out.

I've seen enough....

Unless you think it's best to check on them?

So, why did you come to Japan then?
Ah, about that...

My mission was incredibly vital.

You see, I really want a figurine of Mikoto-chan, the star of that anime we were talking about.

Tis a special model, and but a mere 100 were ever made!

But I lost the raffle to obtain one, and thus never got a chance to purchase one in a store...

Oh, I want one so badly!

And that desire was amplified by the evil energy until...Oh goodness!
So if you got your hands on that figurine you might be able to calm down?
Alas, it is an ultra-rare model...

Neither secondhand store nor online actions carry it.

You mean the limited edition Mikoto, right?

I have one at home.

Whaaaaaat?! Stop your japery! My heart cannot bear to be toyed with!
No, I bought it as soon as I saw it was a limited edition...

But I don't have anywhere to put it, so I could just give it to you!

IF you'll stop rampaging around, okay? goddess of rarities!

Were I to obtain a Mikoto figurine, I'd sail straight back home, happy as a clam!

Master, we did it! It looks like we've solved everything!
Skeleton Soldier Oy, commodore! We don't care about your figurines!

We care about fighting!

H-hold on!

The brutes are coming this way!

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