Skeleton Soldier Commodore! Why did you stop fighting? Why did you abandon us?

I've no more reason to fight...

Skeleton Soldier You know how many of our allies they took out. We can't just back down now!

Revenge! Revenge! REVENGE!

Well, yes, there is that...
They are pretty persuasive...

Perry seems overwhelmed.

Hmph, a leader following his men, rather than the other way around...

How pathetic.

Skeleton Soldier That's all you've got to say, commodore?

What about them... the ones you look up to most?

Yeah! Anime heroes don't give up!

They fight their enemies no matter what!

Yes... So they do.

How could I have forgotten something so important!

Sola6 Um... Perry?

I don't think...

My brave, valiant men!

Listen to me! Listen to what I have to say!

Your blazing spirits have shown me the light.

We must see the fight through to the finish!

Fight until the bitter end!


How could you choose the path of war?

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