A Serious Blow
Master! It's Kintaro! We've found him!
File:Kintaro Render.png
You again! Aren't you dead already?

Kintaro, get a hold of yourself! Don't give in to the evil energy.

Remember who you are.

File:Kintaro Render.png

You need your head checking, girl

This IS the real me.

Ridding the world of demons is my sole purpose in life.

And the demon of this mountain, Shuten Doji, is going straight back to the hell where he came!

I know it's not possible for me to kill another spirit,

but at least I can send him to purgatory.

He can see out his days in perpetual suffering of the most wicked kind!

Not if we've got anything to say about it!
File:Poison S. Brew Render.png
You'll never banish Shuten Doji as long as we're alive to stop you!
File:Kintaro Render.png

Stop me, and you'll suffer the same fate.

But forgive me for not doing it myself.

I've got other demons to attend to.

Boys, get them!

More brutes!
Battle mode, Master!

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