Battle 2.5

Kintaro isn't normally the type to resort to such measures...

It must be because of the evil energy. I know it.

And we'll be the ones to save him!


Kintaro was so sure he was himself

when I confronted him.


I could see it in his eyes... He didn't doubt himself even for a second.

The evil energy must have taken away his ability to question himself.

That energy sure has a powerful grip on him.

I have a bad feeling about this...


But my confidence in you is just as strong, Master!

I know you'll find a way to solve this one, too.

[Battle End]
We defeated all the brutes!
And we haven't forgotten you either, Kintaro!
File:Kintaro Render.png
But I have so many more minions lined up to fight you.

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