Battle 3.3

Not all is lost, though.

It looks like the others haven't noticed us.


If we silence the ones that saw us, they won't have a chance to tell the others!


I'll leave this next part to you, Master!


GREAT JOB, Master!

We're nearly done!

File:Poison S. Brew Render.png

Are you doing that on purpose, Sola?!

If you keep yelling like that you'll have every brute in the area heading this way!

Or maybe you're...a double agent!


D-don't be silly!

Enough with your insane conspiracy theories!

No matter where, no matter when, I will always be Master's partner!
[Battle End]

Phew. We got all the brutes in this area.

I don't think the others know what happened.


Next time, let's be more discrete.

Let's go gather intel on the enemy force.

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