Battle 3.4
They've crossed a line attacking innocent bystanders!
Stop interfering!

Here they come!

Master, we have to protect that woman!

Woman: Thank goodness...I don't know what-

You can see us!

Well, I guess you were scared of the brutes, so that must mean you can see them, too...

File:Poison S. Brew Render.png
So it's not only spirit agents that can see us. She must have a strong sensitivity to the presence of spiritual beings.
Then she certanly picked the wrong place and time to be on Mount Oe. It must be an absolute nightmare for her right now...
If there are more like her out here, we need to do a better job at taking them out quietly!
[Battle End]

No more brutes in the vicinity.

You won't be chased anymore.

Woman: You saved me. Thank you every so much!

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