Frantic Escape
  • Pant...* *Pant...*

Are we... there yet...?!

File:Poison S. Brew Render.png

Further than I can throw a beer bottle to be sure, my dear.

No rest for the wicked folk just yet.


But we've been fighting and running non-stop...

Don't you think we could use a break after getting away from Kintaro?

File:Kintaro Render.png

Hah hah hah!

You'll never escape me, not in your wildest dreams!



He caught up with us while we were distracted ourselves with chit-chat!

File:Poison S. Brew Render.png

And he mowed down all the trees on his way to get here!

And if we don't wish a one-way ticket to the lumber mill we need to steer clear!


Oh geepers... Run!

Run for your life!
We found youuuuuu...! Destroy the wicked ones!
Ah! A full-frontal attack by brutes!

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