Battle 6.1
File:Poison S. Brew Render.png
Okay! Run to the castle, Master!
HUH?! Aren't we gonna fight?!
File:Poison S. Brew Render.png

But we're completely exhausted.

We can't win this fight on sheer will power alone.

Retreating is a part of winning a war, just like any other tactic.


I... guess you're right.

Then, we need to focus on clearing an escape route!

[Battle Starts]

Master, look!

There aren't so many brutes over that way!

If we cleanse a few we can propably break through their ranks!

Summon just a little more strength, Master!

[Battle Ends]

Amazing job, Master!

We opened up a hole in their defenses!

File:Poison S. Brew Render.png

I see a great escape in our future!

We still have a chance!

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