Battle 6.1
Poison S. Brew Render
Okay! Run to the castle, Master!
HUH?! Aren't we gonna fight?!
Poison S. Brew Render

But we're completely exhausted.

We can't win this fight on sheer will power alone.

Retreating is a part of winning a war, just like any other tactic.


I... guess you're right.

Then, we need to focus on clearing an escape route!

[Battle Starts]

Master, look!

There aren't so many brutes over that way!

If we cleanse a few we can propably break through their ranks!

Summon just a little more strength, Master!

[Battle Ends]

Amazing job, Master!

We opened up a hole in their defenses!

Poison S. Brew Render

I see a great escape in our future!

We still have a chance!

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