Battle 6.6
File:Kintaro Render.png

Gah! ...Ngh ...Dammit!

I'll kill you! I'll KILL YOU ALL!

File:Poison S. Brew Render.png
The damage is finally taking its toll on him!

His defenses are dropping!

Master, just one more little push and he's a goner!

[Battle Starts]
File:Poison S. Brew Render.png
That was pretty daring what the human did back there. It could have ended very differently...
It could have, you're right.
I still can't believe she tried to run him down like that...
But thanks to her Kintaro is finally on the back foot!
File:Poison S. Brew Render.png

All the damage we've done is starting to make him stagger like an underage drinker at prom night.

I guess our other efforts weren't for nothing after all!


Just a little more and this battle is ours!


Straighten out his warped sence of justice like I know only you can!

[Battle Ends]
File:Kintaro Render.png


How is this possible...?

How can I be losing?!

No... I am NOT this weak! I CANNOT BE WEAK!

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