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The “Empress of Uruguay” is the world’s largest amethyst geode. People often think this valuable and precious stone is a fake due to its sheer size. This is such a special geode due in part that there are unusual crystals inside.  The crystals are rated as “AA jewellery quality”, because of their deep purple color, and fantastically pristine condition.

Soon after being mined and brought to the surface after three months, the front of the geode was removed in small sections to reveal the beauty of the inside. Every beautiful crystal was formed inside the Geode exactly as you see them now. However, it had suffered some wear and tear since when a tourist pinched a piece of it at a show in Queensland, Australia. The breathtaking amethyst geode that is a hollow rock filled with amethyst crystals is the main attraction at the Crystal Caves at Atherton, southwest of Cairns.

Originally from the north of Uruguay, the 11 ft tall Empress arrived at The Crystal Caves in November 2007. Two giant cranes were needed to lift the Empress into her current position. No polishing or enhancement of any kind has been done to her.


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