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Animaicon Green Dragon Crescent
Green Dragon Crescent
"Show me something I can't cut! I dare you!"
StarStarStarStarStar Melee
Attackicon (min/max): 2865/8600
Defensiveicon (min/max): 3165/9500
Limit Break TextAttackicon/Defensiveicon: 10262/11336
Skillicon Frost's Fair Gleam
Deals 3833/4573 DMG to current target, with a high chance of inflicting Stun. (MAX/MLB)
Abilityicon Guan's Crescent (Lv. 24)
Increases 40% of DMG dealt at the start of the final wave.
Abilityicon (Lv. )
Bondicon Special Bonds
Voice Actor:
Hihara You (緋原ヨウ)
The spirit of Guan Yu's beloved sword, the Frost Fair Blade. "Green Dragon" is actually just a nickname, but as it's more widely known, she doesn't mind when people use it since it only gives her greater strength. She's even taken to hiding her true name on purpose, because it's so fun to meet the rare person who actually knows it. Between the way people imagine her to be and the size of her own ego, she has considerable latent powers.
How to Acquire:
"Guild Conquest ーGreen Dragon Crescentー"
  • Defeat LVL 30, 50 Green Dragon Crescent.
  • Random drops after LVL 30.
Notes & Trivia:
Main: "Show me something I can't cut! I dare you!" Play
Skill: "My brilliant's irresistible, is it not?" Play
Summon: "Fine. I grant you the right to wield me!" Play
Limit Break: "Is there anyone on this Earth could hope to surpass me!?" Play