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Divinaicon Peony the Ninja
Peony the Ninja
"Quiet, or I'll kill you!"
StarStar Ranged
Attackicon (min/max): 1265/3800
Defensiveicon (min/max): 1050/3150
Limit Break TextAttackicon/Defensiveicon: 5100/4227
Skillicon Secret Ninja Skillbook
Deals 1573/2113 damage to a random enemy. (MAX/MLB)
Abilityicon N/A (Lv. --)
Abilityicon N/A (Lv. --)
Bondicon Special Bonds
Voice Actor:
Natsumi Fujiwara (藤原夏海)
The Spirit of a female ninja. Employer unknown. She takes great pride in being a ninja, but there isn't really anything noteworthy about her -- which in itself is noteworthy, according to some.
How to Acquire:
Free Summon

Raid: Random Drop

Notes & Trivia:
Main: "Quiet, or I'll kill you!" Play
Skill: "...This is why they fear ninjas!" Play
Summon: "Tell me what you wish me to do." Play
Limit Break: "Ninjas have many secrets... I suppose!" Play