Story Cover
Okay… This is it! Go forth!
Shuten Doji Story Render
Come, my brethren…
Shuten Doji Story Render

Not bad, not bad at all… for a human.

I think you deserve something extra special.

To end your desperate need to cling to life once and for all!

…This isn’t over yet.

Even if I perish here, my soul will be left behind…

And it will continue through the cycle of rebirth, and be back again tomorrow, bright as ever…


(The hell was that? Some kind of weird dream?)


(Where am I…?)

Ah, you’re awake!

I don’t know what I would’ve done if you’d just kept sleeping like that forever… you had me so worried!

Let’s see, do you have any pain anywhere? Anything hurt?

Or does anything feel strange? An injury, maybe?

(I tell her as clearly as possible that I’m not in any pain…)

(Although the sofa I’m lying on is the “uncomfortable” side of firm…)


So, um… Don’t feel like you have to hold back if you need anything!

Do you know where you are right now?

(I have no memory of this place…)

(I don’t remember anything, actually…)

(Where am I, and more importantly, who am I…?)

…Wow, you don’t remember anything do you.
Let’s see here…
This looks like some kind of ID.
Sorry to be so formal, but I’m going to have to confirm your personal information.
(<insert name here>… Is that really my name…?)
I think you might have temporarily lost your memory due to shock.

I don’t know if we can ever expect a complete recovery, however.

Mikado was afraid something like this might happen…

I’m really, really sorry…
(I have no idea what she’s talking about…)

Well, while we wait for Mikado to get here…

I guess I’ll explain how you got in this pickle!