Story Cover
[Shinjuku – Night]

The sun has fallen, giving the streets a peculiar atmosphere.

They say Shinjuku never sleeps, and its shopping streets are certainly very busy today.


There is also a feeling of something dark and heavy hanging in the air.

Woman in Makeup

Bleh, life is so pointless.

Maybe I’ll just take a swan dive off a bridge, haha!

Flamboyant Fellow

I’m never payin’ back that money!

I’ll just get a sugar momma instead. Get money, man, get money! Hahaha!

Exhausted Businessman

They took away my monthly bonus.

I can’t go home like this… Haha!

The streets seem strangely noisy…

I can’t tell if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Kiyo Story Render

Yes… Let’s live more positively!

You can’t let life pass you by.

That voice… I’ve heard it somewhere…
Kiyo Story Render

Don’t you think self-satisfied guys are annoying?

All the more reason to kill them! Haha!

Where is that voice coming from…?
Ah, this way! I knew it!

You lock eyes for a moment, but she doesn’t say anything.

… I have to follow her.

Kitty Meow…


There you are, Kiyo!
Kiyo Story Render

What an awful face you’re making!

Keep it up and you’ll get wrinkles, you know.

I-I’m still fresh-faced and young, so I don’t have to worry about that yet!
Kiyo Story Render

Making fun of my age, are you Sola?

Hmph! The youth of today think they’re so cute!

When really all they are is irritating.

Ah, no, I just meant… Please, don’t get angry!

Your heart has been infused with evil energy!

And that has spilled over into this area of the city…

Kiyo Story Render

Boo hoo hoo.

I guess I’ll just go home and slash my wrists then! Haha!

N-no! You’ll do no such thing!
(What in the…?)
Oh! You’re the guy from before…!
Kiyo Story Render

What? Is this supposed to be your hired muscle? Are you trying to pick a fight with me?!

Enough already! I can’t stand this anymore!

A miasma of darkness flows from the woman called “Kiyo”.,..
No! Don’t give yourself over to the anger!
Kitty Mrw, gah, ssss, mrow, grrr!!!
Former kitty Grurr… RAHHHHH! ! !

She transformed into a brute… right before my eyes…

I’m sorry…


…But I must fulfil my duty!

I have no choice but to fight!

Kiyo Story Render

Well, this won’t do…

Everyone must die! Haha!

Kiyo Story Render
Hm? What do you think you’re doing?
She looks at me with eyes filled with anger.
Hey! That guy has nothing to do with this!
B-but.... Where is all this spirit essence coming from…?!
Kiyo Story Render

You’re working together, aren’t you? I knew it!

How dare you deceive me!

Kiyo Story Render
This is all you’ve got? Pathetic! At least I can make this quick!
Wait, what?! No! Look out!

Why is it so dark?

My sense are growing weaker.

I guess I suffered a direct blow from that lady…

I can’t really remember what happened though…


A-are you okay?!

If anything’s wrong, I can get help!


I’m so sorry for getting you involved in this…

If only I had been able to carry out my duties properly…

And I never even paid you back for helping me this afternoon.


Ooh, I’m so ashamed, I couldn’t even do that--

I’m so sorry, ever so sorry!

Her voice gradually grows more and more distant.

Am I dying?

Am I ging to die now…?

Sola shakes my body,

but it feels like something happening far, far away.


Open your eyes!

This can’t be happening… It’s all my fault…

…Forgive me.

…Wait. There’s still something I can do.
A way to help him------

It’s dark, there’s no sound, and I feel nothing. It could be hot or cold… I can’t tell either way.

You fall into a deep slumber.

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