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Divinaicon Ryumaku
"So sleepy...just five more minutes, please!"
StarStarStarStarStar Ranged
Attackicon (min/max): 4000/12000
Defensiveicon (min/max): 2665/8000
Limit Break TextAttackicon/Defensiveicon: 14319/9546
Skillicon Power Spot
Increases all allies' DEF by 733/873 for a limited time. (MAX/MLB)
Abilityicon Help From the Shadows (Lv. 44)
Moderately increases the skill DMG of all ranged allies.
Abilityicon (Lv. )
Bondicon Special Bonds
Voice Actor:
Hihara You (緋原ヨウ)
A spirit of the energy meridians deep within the Earth. Whenever your body's meridians run amok, this spirit is the one to fix it. She's been in collaboration with spirit agents since time immemorial, and there's no shortage to the wild stories. Also known to be violently desperate for more sleep, it's no exaggeration to say she's probably asleep if there's not an emergency at hand. But when she gets really into something she goes days without sleeping at all. In other words, she's a little extreme.
How to Acquire:
"Guild Conquest ーRyumakuー"
  • Defeat LVL 30, 50 Ryumaku.
  • Random drops after LVL 30.
Notes & Trivia:
Main: "So sleepy...just five more minutes, please!" Play
Skill: "I'll borrow a bit of this place's power." Play
Summon: "I'm looking forward to this, spirit agent!" Play
Limit Break: "That feels nice! Did you do this?" Play