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A bow belonging to Houyi, a mythological Chinese archer who shot down nine of the ten sun-birds. The ten sun-birds resided in a mulberry tree in the Eastern Sea; each day one would travel around the world on a carriage, driven by Xihe, Mother of the Suns, causing the rising and setting of the sun each day. Eventually, the sunbirds grew tired of the routine and decided that all of them were to rise at the same time. The heat on earth became intense and caused immense suffering for the people and animals that lived there.

Houyi, was sent to frighten the sun-birds so that they would not dare to cause mischief again. However, angered by the suffering of the people caused by the Sun-birds' misconduct, Houyi lifted up his bow and shot them down one by one. Upon killing the ninth, Emperor Yao hurried to halt him as killing the last one would leave the world in total darkness. Houyi agreed and was hailed as a hero for mankind. From that day the remaining sun-bird, now scared by Houyi, always did his duty and behaved well, always rising and setting on time.

Source: Wikipedia: Houyi